The impressive ‘Made in India bike’ brand – Lucifer Bikes

I am a retired government officer from Haryana Government and have now settled down in my hometown, Panchkula in Haryana. After having retired from my service, I have had a lot of spare time. Fitness has always been a priority for me and even when in my government service, I always took time for my daily walks and yoga. After retirement, I have more time to spare and during the pandemic, I also got into a habit of cycling which I had not done in a very long time. I take credit for teaching my grandson how to cycle and somewhere that also got me into thinking of investing in a cycle for myself. Now, I know and have heard that e-cycles are a new rage and I have seen quite a few of them in my neighborhood but when I did research, I got to know so many brands that I was totally confused. After all, I would spend my hard-earned money on something and would therefore want the best value-for-money product. 

E-cycles for me would be dual purpose. Like killing two birds with one stone – 1) Keep me fit 2) Also use it for my daily chores of buying stuff from the market and other short distance travels. So, I started looking for a good e-cycle and went to various cycle outlets and tried out a few. 

Anyway, cutting a long story short – I happened to visit a colleague in Rohtak, and we discussed the topic of e-cycles to which he mentioned nothing and took me to a manufacturing unit in the industrial area there. This unit makes alloy cycle frames for all the top brands in India and is a leading OEM supplier to cycle manufacturers. I am mighty impressed by the fact that such amazing products, the precision in their design and manufacturing process, stringent quality tests that are part of the process, and the final product, all under one roof is a unique feature. All this is now being made in India and not just that, they also have launched their own brand – Lucifer Bikes very recently. I was given an e-bike from their range of cycles to try out and their sales representative also told me about the unique features that made the e-bike special and different from others. I am usually very difficult to impress when it comes to products or people but this visit to the manufacturing unit was a complete eye-opener. I got to know the various aspects of the e-bike which also helped me to decide almost instantly – To buy a Lucifer Bikes e-cycle. The model – Dunamis is completely amazing and moreover the fact that they are from Haryana, led by a young entrepreneur, and are taking on the big names in the cycle industry. 

Though I have not rushed in to make the purchase, I have decided that I am getting mine – ‘Ferocia’ from Lucifer Bikes, the Devil’s new ride. I will share images with the beauty in my next blog. Thanks.

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