MTB Beast Dunamis

I must share this unique experience when I was given the Dunamis MTB model of the newly launched Lucifer Bikes. To be honest, I never felt (and believed) that an Indian cycle brand could come out with such an impressive range of cycles!

Not only are the models of Lucifer Bikes so impressive to look at but behind those killer looks is also a host of other features that sets the brand apart from an overcrowded market. The model that I rode – Dunamis doesn’t have just an alloy frame that is 100% Made in India. Still, for the first time ever, an Indian brand has launched a cycle that has an alloy handlebar, alloy seat post, alloy front fork, and alloy pedals which is not a standard feature in most Indian brands (and a few imported too!). I could feel the difference within the first few minutes of riding the Dunamis!

Now, I’m not a pro yet, but I have ridden many MTBs across various terrains, and let me tell you this – Dunamis is a pleasure to ride, no matter what the terrain may seem like! It handles well and on tough surfaces, especially uphill, when the effort to ride at a constant speed is difficult, Dunamis impressed me and won me over completely! And the credit goes to the lightweight. Because of the alloy parts (beyond just the frame), the overall cycle weight was reduced by an impressive 2-2.5 kgs at least and that made it easier for me to ride up the mountainous terrains!

Sexy weather, a sexy bike, a scenic route, and some awesome company are good combinations to get your Sunday started. And I experienced all of that! It was 4 hours of fun and I am not trying to be superficial but the Dunamis MTB just took my experience to a whole new level! TBH, now, I don’t find the same pleasure in riding my cycle and I’m like a kid who has just got to experience a car race on a simulator and cannot find joy in the racing games on my PlayStation. Hahaha…

Anyway guys, here is my advice to you – If you are planning to buy a new cycle, definitely consider the range that Lucifer Bikes has to offer and believe me, you won’t regret it at all! If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself, and then let me know if what I shared is true or not! It is worth every penny and even if you must stretch your budget a bit, it’s going to be worth it.

Lucifer Bikes – you have found a true fan in me and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty with that beauty – Dunamis!

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